Blue Whale Vessels, LLC (BWV) supplies complete stationary compressed natural gas storage systems, including pipeline natural gas and renewable natural gas (RNG).  BWV provides vessels, structural frames and valving kits.  BWV vessels are Type 1 Steel, rated up to 5,500 psig, and certified to meet requirements of American Association of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBPVI) and Canadian Refence Number (CRN).  Our systems are designed to National Fire Protection Association (NFP) standards.
We also work with clients to size and select solutions that best fit the end user’s needs.  This includes storage for vehicle refueling, natural gas power plant gas backup, virtual / mobile interim supply and other application.  At 36″ outer diameter, BWV vessels are the largest Type 1 capacities in these markets
Blue Whale Vessels was founded in 2016.  


To lead businesses, communities and other organizations in successfully defining and deploying competent investments in gas storage, resulting in sounds and log term investments.
Help our clients to modernize how they use energy for transportation.


Safety comes first: for our customers, our own people, contractors and communities. We abide by a standard of conduct based on decency, respect and professionalism in everything we do. We will attract, develop and retain the best team members and encourage open communication with respect for others. We will be honest, fair and reliable in our day-to-day interaction with customers and employees and be accountable for our actions and accept only complete customer satisfaction.