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Complete Stationary Storage Solutions for Natural Gas

Blue Whale Vessels (BWV) provides complete, applicable, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Section VIII, Division 2 code-compliant vessels which provide safe and reliable storage systems to fit your specific requirements.   The vessels are 36” in outer diameter and either 18.7 feet or 38.8 feet long.  This translates into 95 ft3 and 205 ft3 water volume which equals 700 and 1500 DGE, respectively, of natural gas per vessel at 4,500 psig.

3Pack w Side Bracing CAD

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In early 2018, BWV added
Canadian Registration Number (CRN) in
multiple provinces to our list of certifications.





These large capacity vessels provide significant advantages over more traditional storage for natural gas refueling:

  • Significantly reduce cost and weight per amount of CNG stored.
  • Provide faster fill times.
  • Reduce installation footprint.
  • Optimize operating costs where time-of-use electricity rates and off-peak electricity charges apply.
  • Fewer connections means fewer leaks, less maintenance.

For utility or industrial gas storage, these vessels can be used to store utility natural gas for use in:

  • Virtual pipeline networks to support community heating.
  • Under-served networks during periods of peak demand.
  • Storage solutions for industrial gas usage


Technical Data:

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