Blue Whale Vessels, LLC debuted the world’s largest type 1 CNG vessel at the ACT Show.  

The world’s largest low cost Type 1 ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Section VIII, Division 2 code-compliant CNG Storage vessels, from Blue Whale Vessels, LLC, was introduced to the North American market place at the 2017 ACT Conference and Exhibition at Long Beach, CA.

Image number 1 - Blue Whale Vessels at the ACT 2017 show in Long Beach, CA - Blue Whale Vessels

Left to Right: Paul Jensen , Tim Milburn, and Ian Stewart of Blue Whale Vessels.

Blue Whale Vessels, LLC with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and Fargo, ND, displayed a cut-away model at the show, and now offers the world’s largest ASME U and U2 Division 2 certified CNG storage cylinder, available in 36″ OD and two lengths of 18.7 and 38.8 feet. For a 3 pack system this translates into 286 ft3 and 609 ft3 water volume which equals 700 and 1500 DGE (Diesel Gallon Equivalents) of natural gas at 4,500 psig. CRN Certification will also shortly be available for the Canadian CNG market, and is expected within the coming month.

The new cylinder size dwarfs any other Type 1 storage vessel and allows for very competitive pricing. Visitors to the display were given ample reasons by Tim Milburn and Paul Jensen of Blue Whale Vessels on why this new size will give fuel station owners, bio-gas system owners, and natural gas Utilities, sound financial reasons for using the product for their applications.

Cycle time is reduced when compressing the gas and because of being 3 times larger than any other vessel available in the marketplace, bio-gas processes will be accommodated better to fit the digestion processes. Utilities can apply the storage tanks, combined with compressors, in place of line packing where existing infrastructure doesn’t lend itself to over-pressures in older pipe systems.

The interest from visitors was great, said Paul Jensen, President of Blue Whale Vessels. We trust that with this new cylinder size, we can help CNG installations improve their return on investment a little bit faster.

You can reach Blue Whale Vessels by emailing us or phone (847) 826-3314 or (701) 212-1231  both numbers are -6 UTC.

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