RNG for Dairy & Storage: SHORT VERSION (5 pages)

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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) can provide a useful and revenue generating byproduct of dairy farming.   This 5 page document provides a short description of the application for dairy farms, using dairy waste and ties in the process of converting biogas to RNG, including storage.  This RNG can be used to generate electricity, heat and/or vehicle fuel.

This document intends to support businesses that currently generate dairy wastes and may be considering leveraging these by-products to provide cash flow and positive environmental outcomes by digesting the waste and converting into RNG.  Blue Whale Vessels, LLC (BWV) supplies large gas storage systems and this document provides the background and rationale needed to consider using our products.  To do this, this document first tells a story of the growing use of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and introduces BWV and our “Blue Whales“.

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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is a growing market for turning waste into cash.   Blue Whale Vessels, LLC (“BWV”) provides large capacity compressed RNG storage vessels and in support of our storage products, this 5 page document provides information on dairy applications that generate RNG and in which our product might be considered.

This document tells a story of the growing use of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and introduces BWV and our Blue Whale Vessels, including:

  • Trends in RNG and reasons behind them
    • Achieving positive environmental outcomes
    • Realizing good returns on investment
    • Applying public policies and leveraging incentives
  • RNG investment opportunities
    • Cost recovery
    • Fuel sales
    • Incentives (credits) for reducing greenhouse gases and other pollutants
  • RNG generation methods
    • Anerobic biodigestion and off gas treatment
  • Applications for RNG use RNG compression and on-site storage
    • Use in utility and mobile pipelines
    • Use as vehicle fuel
    • Use as heat or electricity source
  • RNG technology requirements
  • Introduction to Blue Whale Vessels
    • Basic offerings
    • Role in RNG
    • Use cases


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